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[FIX] Mario Kart Remote Control Car Not Working

Is your Mario Kart RC acting out? Follow our Mario kart 8 troubleshooting guide to fix Mario kart remote control car blinking red, Mario kart 8 remote control car sync issues, and other related problems today.

This page will assist you in identifying issues with Carrera Mario Kart 8 Peach.

However, first, try this: Turn on the remote (it will begin to blink), then turn on the car, then rap it against the floor or other hard surfaces, and they will sync instantly!

  • Device won’t respond to remote control

The car will not move or respond to remote control commands.

The remote or the vehicle may be turned off.

It’s simple to overlook. Check that both the remote and the automobile are turned on. Examine the back of the vehicle near the tail lights. There is an OFF/ON switch located between the tail lights. Turn the switch to the ON position. If the car is turned on, search for the remote on the top of the controller between the control knobs and turn the switch to ON. Wait for the blinking light above the switch to stop.

  • Batteries that are weak or dead

Remove the batteries and install fresh ones. Remove the batteries by unclipping the battery cover above the steering wheel. Replace it with AAA batteries by inserting the protruded end of the battery into the indentation section of the compartment and the flat end into the spring part of the compartment.

Replace the battery compartment lid and clip it in place. Click here for a visual guide to battery replacement. If you don’t have any spare AAA batteries, try swapping them out. This is a temporary fix till fresh batteries are obtained.

  • Interference

The Princess Peach Kart has a predetermined frequency. When racing alongside another Carrera RC Kart model, it may behave erratically since the controller will transmit a signal to both cars rather than your own car. To resolve this, move your RC Princess Peach Kart at least 60 meters (200 feet) away from the other RC Kart model so that it only gets your signal.

The vehicle is located too far away.

The Princess Peach Kart has a 60-meter operating range (about 200 ft.). If the distance between the Princess Peach Kart and the controller is greater than that, the signal from your controller will not be received. To remedy this, keep the Princess Peach Kart in view while driving it.

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  • The vehicle will not turn.

While attempting to turn the car with the remote control, it will only drive straight.

  • Axle Misalignment

Turn the car upside down so that all four wheels are in the air. To ensure that your axle is properly positioned, compare it to the right positioning of other drivers’ axles. If you discover that your axle is positioned wrong, consult the replacement guide here.

Second, if you find any loose screws, take a Phillips screwdriver and twist the screw in the center of the front axle. Revolve your Phillips screwdriver clockwise until the screw is tight enough to make the front axle robust but loose enough to allow it to rotate. You can test the turning freedom of the axle by turning the wheels as you tighten the screw.

  • The vehicle leans excessively.

The vehicle is tilting too far to the right or left and is on the verge of tipping.

  • Excessive Weight

Check for any extra parts that have been added to the vehicle. Increased weight on the top of the car can raise its center of gravity, causing it to tilt too far and fall. Test it again after you’ve removed any more objects from Princess Peach.

  • Uneven Turning of the Vehicle

The vehicle turns strangely or in the opposite direction you want it to.

  • Steering Angle Uncalibrated

Turn the car upside down so that all four wheels are in the air. Examine the knob in the center of the front axle. Typically, if you want the automobile to curve more to the left when driving, turn the knob counterclockwise. To make the car curve farther to the right when driving, turn the knob clockwise. Make sure the arrow is in the center of the arc if you want the car to be inclined to stay straight.

  • The car is overheating.

The underside of the vehicle, or the vehicle in general, feels heated.

  • Overuse

If you operate the automobile for more than 30 minutes in a row, the car batteries may overheat. Stop using the car and leave it in a room temperature space until it cools down to avoid any harm to the engine or batteries. Do not submerge the vehicle in water to cool it down.

  • Battery Problems

The batteries are dead if the automobile shuts down and becomes extremely hot. Allow the automobile to cool down to alleviate this sensation. When the car has totally cooled, turn it upside down so that the bottom half is exposed. Remove the batteries by unclipping the battery cover above the steering wheel.

Replace it with AAA batteries by inserting the protruded end of the battery into the indentation section of the compartment and the flat end into the spring part of the compartment. Replace the battery compartment lid and clip it in place.

  • Sunlight overexposure

It is not suggested that the car be left in direct sunlight or in grassy areas. This may cause the vehicle to overheat. The vehicle should be kept in temperatures below 35 degrees Celsius. Maintain the vehicle on level surfaces, ideally inside. Allow the car to cool down indoors if exposed to these conditions. Then, using a slightly moist cloth, wipe down the entire vehicle.

  • Mario kart remote control car blinking red

Turn the remote and car on and smack the bottom of the car wheels. I was prepared to return my grandson’s until I saw some reviews from folks who had tried it. IT FREAKING WORKS.

  • Why is the Light on My Remote Control Flashing?

Basically, the problem is that the antenna inside is flat down. Unscrew and open the top section, then straighten the antenna and switch on both the car and the remote. It will immediately sync. Before reattaching the top section, insert the antenna through the hole in the top portion to solve the problem.

  • Mario Kart 8 Remote Control Car Sync iSSUE

I took aluminum foil and cut three little layered circles to go on top of the recessed contacts, then punched them down around them. It was a little tricky to put it together to keep it from falling out. But after everything was put back together, it worked perfectly and there was no need to take it apart again.


I removed all of the car’s bottom screws to see what was happening. I discovered that the batteries in the compartment are connected in series, and because there are six of them, the voltage across should be slightly higher than 9 volts. I examined the voltage by testing two wires going directly out of the compartment; to my amazement, even with new batteries, the voltage was between zero and one volt. So the reason the remote and the car won’t sync is that the car is out of juice.

After some tinkering, I discovered that the issue is with the battery compartment box itself, specifically where the tip of the batteries (+side) contacts the tiny plates on the box; apparently, the batteries don’t sit properly because they must be perfectly aligned; a better design would probably be to make those contact plates a little larger.

Anyway, I addressed the problem with my kid’s car by releasing the screws on the compartment cover and then gently hitting the compartment to allow the batteries to fall into place, then tightening up a bit and measuring the voltage again; it was about 9.4 volts. When I turned on the remote, it automatically synced.

Avoid short-circuiting the batteries by being cautious with the tester’s tips.

You don’t need to access the battery compartment like I did to test the connectivity of the batteries. If the batteries are properly connected, you should be able to read about 3 volts from the port just to the left and above the car’s try/off/on button, as seen in the figure below.

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