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[FIX] Minnie Mouse Remote Control Car Not Working

Try taking out all of the batteries from the controller and the car. Wait 30 seconds, replace them, restart the car and the controller, and check to see if that resolves the issue. Additionally, confirm that the controller and all of the car’s batteries are brand-new and fresh.

There are other reasons why the Minnie mouse automobile could not be responding to the remote, though.

How to Fix Minnie Mouse Remote Control Car Not Working

The remote’s batteries are dead, which is the initial problem. The controls and transmitter won’t operate if the batteries are dead. You can repair this by changing the batteries. Please refer to our Remote Batteries Replacement guide for details on how to change the batteries.

Another possibility is that the control has a loose wire. When electricity passes through the control, the remote operates. Two conductors inside the controller must make direct contact with one another for electricity to flow.

You will need to replace the board in the remote if the wires are severed. Visit our guide on replacing circuit boards with learning how to replace the board.

If you have more than one vehicle, you can use the remote to test it on the second vehicle. If the other car functions well, the problem lies with the vehicle and not the remote. You might need to purchase a second one.

The final possibility is that the battery compartment wasn’t sufficiently secured (on the inside), but the screws wouldn’t go much deeper and the connection wasn’t strong. To make it work, you had to shut everything off, unscrew the bottom, and duck tape the battery compartment to the sides.

Turning off everything, taking off the bottom, and straightening the antenna are some options that have been successful in the past. Finally, re-turn it on and let it run for 20 seconds (or until the light stops blinking).

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